Announcing the Local to Global Initiative

Indigenous people have poor health and social outcomes in comparison with non-Indigenous peoples – therefore efforts to improve this will contribute directly to the eradication of poverty worldwide. GLHAM believes that strengthening networks between people working in indigenous health – both in Australia and in overseas development contexts – has the potential to accelerate the creation of strategies to tackle this inequity.

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Foreign Policy and Return on Investment

What’s the return on investment for spending on global health? Read our submission to the Australian Government’s Foreign Policy White Paper process.

Want to Join The Alliance?

Many entities from a diverse range of sectors are currently on board, and your organisation is welcome to join too, to add your expertise and to benefit from our services. Interested? Find out more.

Who we are

Global Health Alliance Melbourne (GLHAM) is an alliance for development and health equity in the Asia-Pacific, and is modelled on the highly successful Washington Global Health Alliance. The Alliance aims to optimise the collective capabilities of Melbourne-based organisations, by providing an effective platform for creative convergence, coordination, influence and practice.

We invite Alliance members to work through any of our four pathways;

  1. Capability: we foster collaboration, learning and knowledge transfer across sectors
  2. Investment: we are positioned to harness collective opportunities for increased funding to Melbourne-based members
  3. Innovation: we can broker effective collaborations and catalyse novel partnerships within and across sectors
  4. Influence: we are recognised as a credible voice on global health and development, we’ll raise the profile of these issues, and we’ll provide thought leadership.

Hot Topics

  • Melbourne Global Health Landscape Study
    The Melbourne Global Health Landscape Study has now commenced and will comprise of two parallel and interconnected pieces of work that will map and quantify the global health sector in Melbourne: The Baseline International Health Economic Impact Study for Victoria Mapping the capacity and showcasing the expertise of the Alliance’s member organisations The Department of…

The Global Health Alliance Melbourne

Download the List of GLHAM Member Organisations as a PDF. Last updated August 2017.

Interested in joining the alliance? Get in contact with us via email: ED@glham.org.

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